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TVD | Damon&Elena


Yeah... today I didn't have anything to do and I made some new stuff, just a few icons and a wallpaper about Klaus of The Vampire Diaries! :D .. I'm almost done with the school, just a few weeks and I will have three months totally FREE and I will make new stuff! :D

[12] Klaus & Katherine {The Vampire Diaries}

[1] Klaus {The Vampire Diaries}


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Beauty & the Beast | tale as old as time

(no subject)

Sadly my laptop is like dying or something, school is back and I think I will post new stuff until may or something :( ... the good thing is that I'm taking photography classes, maybe I will make some textures or stock icons with my own pics! I love Canon :P
Maybe I will try to post some stuff before may, but I'm not sure... I want to make a lot of Disney icons, I'm in love with The Beauty & the Beast, Tangled and The Princess and the Frog! Hope I can post something soon... take care everyone and sorry for the late :(

BTW... I love my new moodtheme made byhopeitallaway !! <3
Tangled | Pascal

I'm back!! :D

Finally I'm free and I'm back! I really missed livejournal, the last thing I made was my Delena picspam but I'm ready to make new stuff.. icons, wallpapers, etc. I wanna make a lot of things before school start again!
I'm so in love with Tangled so I'm quite sure you are going to see some stuff about the movie and of course a lot of things about Vampire Diaries... I can't wait for Klaus, he is my second favorite character in the book series!
I'm going to start with some stuff and I hope I can post everything next weekend, or maybe on friday!! :D
TVD | Damon&amp;Elena

PICSPAM: Favorite Damon&Elena scenes!

I didn't have anything to do today and I wanted to do a Damon&Elena picspam because I fall in love even more with Damon thanks to the last episode, that final scene was EPIC! Here are my fav Damon&Elena scenes, hope you like it and I'm almost free, just few weeks more and I will have time to do more stuff!

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HTTYD | Toothless

wicked & divine {new stuff}

Finally, new icons and here they are... they are in two parts. The second one is about book characters, in the case of Vampire Diaries they are with the physical characteristics of the book. The icons of Vishous are for darya01. Hope u like them! Ü

[01-20] The Vampire Diaries
[21-25] Ian Somerhalder
[26-32] True Blood {Eric&Sookie}

- b o o k . c h a r a c t e r s -
[01-06] Acheron Parthenopaeus {Dark Hunter Series ~ Travis Fimmel}
[07-08] Damon Salvatore {Vampire Diaries ~ Ian Somerhalder}
[09-11] Elena Gilbert {Vampire Diaries ~ Nina Dobrev}
[12-15] Vane Kattalakis {Dark Hunter Series ~ Christopher Douglas}
[16-21] Vishous {Black Dagger Brotherhood ~ Matthias Streitwieser}


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